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Did you know it is statistically proven having wall art displayed in your home or business increases your mood and confidence?!

Having photography products like wall art, and albums is a way to pass down your legacy, everything you have built, created and worked hard for.
It is a piece of history captured in time to have forever.

With the ever changing world photographs and albums increase in value over time. Myspace & Black Planet are no longer here and as technology is always changing and unknown tangible photographs are the best way to preserve our memories and experiences!
 People grow and change appearance, a photograph is there to remind you of what happened in the moment and why it happened. Having photography heirlooms is another way to celebrate, self, love, family, and accomplishments.

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Albums are available to tell your story and celebrate your milestones while having all your photographs in one place. Pull them out when friends and family come by our showcase them in your home or business. Albums are Bonnies favorite because you get the most photos, you can customize them to your style and pass down an heirloom!


Wall Art / Gallery Walls


Wall art and Gallery walls tend to be your statement pieces. That's why Bonnie Blu Studios and Bonnie Blu Weddings Offers these fine art gallery fashioned pieces!
Bonnie Blu has a extensive background in the fine arts and you are not just a piece of art once becoming a photograph but you should also showcase your photographs larger than life in your home or the establishments you're in the most.

Having wall art immediately increases your mood, your family and friends moods, raises your confidence and starts a conversation with all the visitors that come your way.
Make a bold statement and stand out or showcase your loved ones in a gallery wall for everyone to see. Its not only high end beautiful decor but you are actually the artwork!

BONNIE BLU offers Fine art Acrylics, Metals and Canvases as your wall art material.

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Prints are to be shared!
Bonnie Blu offers premium quality prints and resistant prints so you can share with family and friends and have those prints Lasts!
Have you ever pulled out a box of old photos and the prints are tattered, worn or faded?!
When you purchase  prints from Bonnie all of the fears of quality are washed away. The print colors have a life shelf of over 400 years, the prints its self are not easily tattered or worn down. As an extra step Bonnie offers resistant prints to prevent warping of photos while in the picture frames or hanging freely on your walls.

It is of the upmost importance that your experiences and memories are preserved!

Clients come to Bonnie Blu for amazing photographs and an amazing experience. She is dedicated to helping each client have a stress free experience with her guidance from beginning to end. She stands out amongst other competitors.

Bonnie makes sure clients have tangible products from gallery crafted wall art to Italian crafted albums and gift prints so her clients can be reminded to thrive, be confident, enjoy & remember the moments, and have something to cherish forever!

Most experiences average 1200 and up based off the product collection purchased. Session fee is 450.

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Acrylic + Metals: 30"x40", 24"x36", 16"x20"
Canvases:  38"x48", 24"x36", 16"x20" 

What are the wall art sizes?

Album sizing 8"x8", 10x10", 12"x12".
Custom offerings available.

what sizes are the albums?

Turn around time for photo editing it up to 10 business days during non wedding season (15-25 for wedding season). After your photos have been edited we send them off for processing of your products. Prints usually come within 1-2 weeks from order date. Wall art takes up to 4 weeks from order date. Albums take up to 8 weeks from order date.
You can always discuss with Bonnie if you need a rush order at an extra cost or when to plan your session so your products arrive on time if you have an event or occasion.

What's the turnaround time for photographs?

Bonnie makes sure all her clients are guided through the product ordering process. She will give all her recommendations regarding design and materials to help the client thrive.

do you help with design?

Each product is of the most high end quality to assist with the preservation of the product. Albums are hand crafted from Portugal and Italy with simple care they can last over 300 years. Wall art pieces are hand crafted from overseas, come with care instructions, and are insured to last hundreds of year with proper care and being placed in a temperature controlled environment out of direct sunlight.
Prints similarly last hundreds of years with proper care, they do not warp or fade with proper care.

What are the quality of materials?

Prints, Albums and Wall Art start at $110 for prints, $500+ for wall art and albums. The pricing is dependent on sizing, materials and any customization request to better suit your style and preference.

What's the cost?


8"x10", 11"x14", 16"x20"

What are the Print sizes?

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Our goal is for you to come ready to create and leave feeling self empowered, confident, excited and beautiful with a memorable experience you'd want to share with the ones you love!